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The Charta of Peace was conceived in September 2017 by a group of 100 young people from 25 countries from all over the world after a voluntary work experience in Madaba, Jordan. There we had the chance to come into contact with Syrian and Iraqi refugees. We became aware of all the struggling and suffering that the refugees have faced since the beginning of the conflicts which are affecting the Middle East as a whole and the world inevitably.




The Charta’s main goal is to empathize the importance of bringing Peace in the Middle East. We aim to do this by promoting awareness on the situations faced by the refugees. We want to operate concretely to ensure that refugees are able to come back to a decent life in their homeland. The decision to emigrate to another country should not be something that you are forced to do, but instead something you have the freedom to choose.

We need to reaffirm faith in the fundamental human rights to save the future generations from the scourge of war. We need to adopt conditions under which the respect for one another promotes both social progress and coexistence among different people.

We are the Youth and creating a change relies on us. We must encourage each other to live together in Peace as neighbours and to unite our strength to maintain international Peace and security by accepting cultural differences.

The Charta Of Peace


The Charta of Peace was born from the collaboration of three international associations. After concluding the Youth Peace Forum and its camp in the Middle East they gathered together to discuss Peace. The experience began in Jordan with a group of 100 young people from 25 different countries who volunteered with the local Jordanian community in Madaba and the refugee families and children from Syria and Iraq. Through the encounters, we have felt the necessity to engage a practical tool to testify the importance of an effective action plan for the resolution of conflicts.


Since 2011 Syria has been facing one of the biggest armed conflicts in the world. The results nowadays count millions of refugees, displaced people and millions of deaths. Since the arrival of ISIS in the year 2014, most of the population who lived in Ninive Valley and northern Iraq was forced to emigrate and leave their homes. It is noted that Iraq has not been seeing peace for more than 35 years. Since the year 2012 freedom and safety are not guaranteed for the citizens of Egypt, which is one of the first Arab countries that ignited the revolution during the Arab Springs. More than 67 wars are taking place all over the world.


We appeal to the governments of the world for a prompt response to conflict and its resolution, mainly in the Middle East, giving the dignity and humanity back to all refugees in the neighbour countries.

We appeal to the citizens of all over the world to become aware of those massive conflicts and the consequences that come because of them. The repercussions have affected and compromised the entire world, not just those countries that are currently facing a conflict.

We appeal to the Youth to become Peace activists and to be aware that responsibility depends on us in order to make courageous choices against a warfare policy.

We appeal to the organizations, associations, majorities and foundations to sustain the Charta of Peace in order to become able to promote Peace Education.

We appeal to the religious leaders to be an active tool in promoting Peaceful coexistence among people from different countries.

Chapter 1 / Conflict resolution

Our main desire is to end conflicts. We want to help refugees to resettle in their countries. War is not only weapons and economic and political interests. War is the absence of freedom. War means having people running away from their homeland – losing their future, their hopes and dreams. War, with all of its consequences, it is affecting millions of people all around the world and the impacts are dramatic. Injustice, sorrow and misery should not be the words which define our lives.

From our experience in Madaba we know that living in Peace is possible, we are witnesses that this mission is truly achievable. We have lived a week in Peace. We are Europeans, Jordanians, Americans, Syrians, Iraqis and many others. We learned that together we are stronger despite our different backgrounds and mindsets. What divides us is the same thing that unites us the most. From our experience we learned that it is possible to live in Peace if there is a willingness to do so.

Our definition of war

War is the automatic response when it comes to conflicts’ resolution that often seems the most immediate and definitive way to solve problems. However, its consequences in our time are immense and impossible to account for. War is killing people. It’s killing families and forcing others to leave their countries.

War is spreading disease and hunger. War is preventing several generations of people from getting a decent education and this has a huge impact on the present and future of humanity. The consequences of war are not just local. They are more than ever global.

Why we don’t want war. Why we believe in Peace

War causes nothing but suffering and sorrow. By listening to the refugees’ stories we became aware of the severe situations inflicted by war.

These people are not involved in the causes of war. They are just victims of it. They had to leave everything behind and instead of being citizens of their own country they are now refugees in a foreign land; most of the times, they don’t know where to go or what to do. They are trying to survive but they don’t even know how to rebuild their lives.

We believe in Peace and that we can all live in Peace even if we are different, even if we don’t agree on everything, even if we have different customs and ways of living and thinking.

How war has affect and still affects our live throughout generations

We don’t want the new generations to grow up thinking that war is something that has always existed. War has been disseminated in the past generations through history, word of mouth and misinformation. This affects the way people think and act. This should be changed by creating violence prevention activities including national authorities and individual citizens.

Preventing war

We need action to prevent war. National Governments, local authorities, private sectors, civil society organizations and single individual citizens must direct all of their power to prevent and stop weapons’ selling and must change the economic incentives to war. They should change their weapons’ selling and war interests into economic interests regarding Peace, development, education, creation of new opportunities for war-torn countries, in order to prevent violence and violent extremism.

Chapter 2 / Social and Economical Issues

From our experience in Madaba, we understood how pre-conceptions, prejudices and lack of knowledge about others can directly affect the relationships we build with each other. We believe that refugees cannot be treated as numbers but as humans and this also implies personal contact. This contact and these needed relationships cannot exist if we are not ready to accommodate others, to understand them and peacefully live with them. All these issues are related to our ability to integrate with people successfully. With respect to this, we want to underline three points.

Psychological support

Many refugees suffer from medical psychological issues due to the dramatic events that they have passed through owing their involvement in the conflicts that had taken place in their homeland. We invite local authorities and national governments to acknowledge this situation and to ensure psychological and counselling support in all the hosting refugees’ regions. It is also important to ensure the presence of entities that can guarantee social and employment reintegration through psychological support that can help refugees to fully comprehend their situation enabling them to overcome it.


The first step for a successful integration is to ensure that people are aware of who they are integrating with. We see integration as a demand both from the point of view of the hosting country and the people seeking for shelter there. We invite local authorities to promote knowledge and understanding among people through social preparation actions that allow people to learn how to relate with one another and to acquire essential skills to live together in Peace.

We urge authorities to promote these actions in addition to the necessary supports and education that refugees need for a complete integration in the society. Employment is dignifying and it is an indicator of a successful integration.

Cherishing diversity

We want to encourage every single citizen of the world to see diversity as a richness and as a contributor to development, new ideas, skills, knowledge and economic growth within their country.

For this purpose, we want to prompt national governments and local authorities to take action for the reinforcement of special measures which allow them to leverage all the potential represented by immigration.

Chapter 3 / Raising Awareness

During our days in Jordan, we became conscious that the most important action that we can do once we go back to our countries it is to raise awareness among people who live with us. We noticed that the western countries news are not reliable because they show just what they want to, and not the reality. Visiting refugees’ families made us realize what they have faced, how they felt leaving all they love behind – their country, their family. All of this is not shown by the media and people around the world can’t even imagine that something like that is happening just few hours away by plane from where they live. Misinformation and lack of understanding can urge people to create barriers. It is necessary to provide opportunity of dialogue and debates among different realities. That is how we can obtain a deep consciousness of what it is truly happening in the world.

Action points:



We, who represent the Youth, must involve the whole society showing practical examples of integration. Creating opportunities for social encounters between people and creating spaces for sharing events open to everyone can take step by step to a change.



To be able to spread our experiences of what we saw and heard during our experience is necessary to disseminate a clear message without any deceits. It is a way to give a face to the numbers of immigrants, to find the willingness of restoring humanity that today is taken for granted.


Destroying stereotypes

Media often tells just a part of the truth. It is an attitude which induces the creation of false stereotypes. It is our responsibility to eliminate any of it by creating a network among people.


You can be the change.

Any action of Peace depends on each of us. The change is bonded to our choices and commitment. We must have the responsibility to help those who need. As young people we have the duty not to turn away because we can change our future and especially the one of other young people. No one can point you the right direction to do it but it is you who has to find out the better pathway.


Make yours the cause.

Understand the cause in which you want to commit and give all yourself to do it. Believe in the cause and do not be afraid to make mistakes or to be alone. Have the courage to take action and do not leave the others to make the first move but be you the first to make the difference.

Sustain the Charta of Peace


Sign the Charta of Peace in order to make possible that the governments of all countries acknowledge the importance of an urgent response and actions to implement conflicts’ resolutions. This can be achieved with practical actions with the aim to bring Peace, especially in the Middle East. Every single citizen can sign the Charta. Our aim is to reach 50, 000 signatures.

This Charta is a tool we need to spread around the world to raise awareness about what it is happening in war-torn countries and to extend the importance of taking an action to achieve our main goal: Peace. This is our responsibility.

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